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Past Lodge Events

Bus Trips

  • A Norwegian accordion band concert in Lakeville
  • The Syttende Mai stage show in Hanska (2006, 2004, 2003)
  • Nordic Fest in Decorah, Iowa
  • The play “Don’t Hug Me” in Minneapolis
  • A Norwegian girls' choir concert in Northfield.
  • Bus trip to Norway Day at Minnehaha Park, MPLS

We Have Hosted

  • First District Sons of Norway Bowling Jamboree
  • Valle Norway music school student concert
  • Lin-Hans-Rud dancers from Hanska at the Ambassador banquet in 2003 and at a picnic in 2004.

Some Of Our Special Speakers Have Been :

  • Dr Joan Buckley , presented "Norwegian-American Humor" in Rosendahl's Han Ola og Han Per which appeared in the Decorah-Posten from 1918 to 1935 and then reprinted for many years.
  • Roland Thorstensson, an authority on the Sami’s, the indigenous people of Scandinavia
  • Reidar Dittmann, who spoke about his experiences in a concentration camp and in the Resistance Movement during World War II at one program and about growing up in Norway at our Membership Banquet in 2004
  • Debra Seitz, who made the 72-day trip to Norway in a replica of a Viking ship that had been built by her father in a warehouse in Minnesota
  • Dr. William Halvorson, a national expert on Edvard Grieg
  • Dr Odell Bjerkness, who has done extensive research on the Vikings
  • His Excellency Knut Vollebaek, Ambassador from Norway to the United States. (Co-hosted with the Language Department at MSU.) We had over 40 display tables representing many kinds of crafts, cultures, foods and more at a Heritage and Cultural Fair the weekend of September 12th and 13th in 2003. He was the featured guest speaker at MSU and Bethany Lutheran College and at a reception at Bethany Lutheran College and at a banquet at MSU that same weekend. (October 2003)

Other Events We Have Participated In:

  • Parades in Nicollet and St. Peter
  • Food booths at county fairs in Garden City and St. Peter
  • International Festival
  • Genealogy Fair put on by the Historical Society at MSU
  • Young Historian program at the library
  • Display cases at the library to commemorate Leif Erickson Day

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