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The Sons of Norway Cultural Skills program is designed to serve several purposes: to encourage active participation in cultural activities, to enrich the lives of members of all ages, to provide the basis for special interest clubs and to provide new reasons for people to join Sons of Norway!

Specialist Track: The specialist award defines you as an expert in any one subject area. There are 3 parts to this track --

1. Learn the basics
2. Complete a larger project
3. Create and execute a new design or recipe of some sort (depending on skill chosen.)

Generalist Track

The generalist award requires diversity and the pin is awarded to any person who demonstrates basic skills in 3 different subject areas. (See list below.)

David and Nancy McCord and David and Marilyn Olstad have been very active in the Norwegian dance groups in Hanska, Minnesota.

Mentor Track : This track is for formal or informal teachers who help others in earning the above medals.
Master of Cultural Skills: Any of the above 3 tracks may lead to the Master's pin. To earn this medal, a person must complete all 3 levels of three activities or the basic level of 9 activities.

Cultural Skills Medals Currently Available

1. Traditional Norwegian Cooking

Level 1--Your Favorites
Level 2--Baked Goods and Desserts
Level 3--Meat or Fish Dishes

2. Reading Norwegian and Norwegian-American Authors

Level 1--Your Favorites
Level 2--Fiction
Level 3--Nonfiction

3. Collecting Norwegian and North American Stamps

Level 1--Collect General Norwegian & North American Stamps
Level 2--Specialize Your Stamp Collection
Level 3--Complete a Collection of a Ten-Year Period

4. Norwegian Rosemaling

Level 1--Basic Strokes, Flower Form, and Scroll
Level 2--Completed Design
Level 3--Create an Original Design

5. Genealogy--Family History

Level 1--Complete people 1­7 on a four-generation ancestor chart, etc.
Level 2--Complete four more people on the ancestor, family group chart, and document
Level 3--Complete all information for 15 people on the charts--document and write an essay

6. Hand Knitting

Level 1--The Basics
Level 2--Knit with Two Colors
Level 3--Create a Two or Multicolored Sweater (Based on Norwegian Designs)

7. Norwegian Language and Culture

Level 1--The Basics of Norwegian Language
Level 2--A Sampling of Norwegian Culture
Level 3--A Topic from Norwegian Language or Norwegian Culture

8. Hardanger Embroidery

Level 1--The Basics
Level 2--Complete a Larger Item
Level 3--Using Your Skills in Creative Ways

9. Figure Carving

Level 1--The Basics
Level 2--Complete a Detailed Carving
Level 3--Complete an Original Carving

10. Weaving

Track I
Level 1--The Basics-Make a Sampler
Level 2--Inkle or Card Weaving or Rigid Heddle--Complete a Project
Level 3--Create an Original Design

Track II (Floor or Table Loom Weaving)
Level 1--Produce a Sampler
Level 2--Make a Finished Project
Level 3--Create an Original Design

11. Ornamental Woodcarving

Level 1--The Basics
Level 2--Flatskurd
Level 3--Carve the Acanthus

12. Chip Carving

Level 1--The Basics
Level 2--Carve Borders
Level 3--Carve Rosettes

13. Folk Dancing

Level 1--Easy Dances
Level 2--Intermediate Dances
Level 3--Advanced Dances

14. Music and Musicians of Norway

Level 1--Folk Music: Roots of Norwegian Music
Level 2--The Nineteenth Century: Edvard Grieg & Contemporaries
Level 3--The Twentieth Century: Composers, Performers, Conductors

After becoming a member, you can begin earning the above medals. Specific requirements will be given to you when you join. Please take our Sports & Cultural Skills Survey to help us determine what you would like to be involved in! Also note -- these skills change frequently! Once you have become a member, you can check out the current list in the "members only" section of the International Sons of Norway Site. (Note: there is also online booklets, and hints to help you complete each medal successfully!)

For more information on this program, please contact our Cultural Director.

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